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At the age of seventeen Teraina, then Terry, first discovered she was really a woman.

For the next fifty years she lived in total denial until, in 2007, something stirred within her.

In 2008 her wife of thirty-three years passed away, allowing Teraina the freedom to rediscover and explore her true self.

This remarkable and sometimes amusing account tells of the difficulties and joys encountered on her incredibly short journey.



She had a secret in her past she could never reveal.

After years of sexual abuse from her father, Sarah finally runs away from home. She has a grand plan: a plan which she hopes will lead her to a better life. Fleeing to Manchester, she works as a high-class prostitute to pay her way through university. Getting involved in the BDSM scene she trains as a Mistress but after the bombing of the Arndale Centre she moves to London, working successfully as a call girl and a professional Dominatrix.

When she retires to pursue a new and different career Sarah unexpectedly meets a lovely widower with two young children. They fall in love and she eventually marries him. Steve wants her to have a baby but she dare not tell him why she canít have children or say anything about her past life for fear of losing him.

Her refusal to have children leads to problems between them and after a final row, Sarah inadvertently breaks her silence and tells Steve the truth behind her past.

A past that she has sworn to keep secret for ever.

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